cat. no. CWP-TO-150
for timpani and crotales
Tony Oliver

level: College/Advanced College+

This piece for timpani and crotales makes use of sympathetic-resonance effects. Sympathetic resonances of the timpani (or "amplification" of the crotales, depending on how you look at it), occur when the pitches of the timpani are made to match those of the crotales (or their overtones) that rest on them. The timpani then act as resonators for the crotales and an eerie kind of "singing" effect occurs. This piece is excellent for the younger college player looking to experiment with non-traditional techniques on timpani, or who is looking for a short "contemporary" timpani piece for a recital.

Total playing time is 35 minutes
1 bound part (with extra copy of third page for performance) included

$19.95 USD