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All prices are subject to change without notice.

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LEVEL RECOMMENDATIONS USED BY Curving Walkway Publications
Curving Walkway Publications assigns levels to its pieces. The level recommendations are based on the types of performers who have used their music successfully. Performers or ensembles of different ability levels, or those with more or less rehearsal time, might find the pieces easier or more difficult than indicated.

Beginning = Young or Adult Beginners: For Junior High/Middle School, New Horizons Band, or College Methods-Course Students, or in any other situation where basic skills and ensemble techniques are to be emphasized

Intermediate = For intermediate players (more-advanced Jr. High/Middle School, more-advanced New Horizons Band, younger High School). For those who have more developed skills.

Advanced = Advanced High School-level students and programs, College-level students and programs, advanced College and up, Professional

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